1. How Does the Facebook Promotion work? How exactly do you get me fans?
We have developed a large network of pages ,Twitter, Website visitors and Facebook pages online directories that are visited by thousands of people each day. We use this to your advantage by giving your page a substantial exposure as soon as you place your order.
We use this influence to make sure your page is known around Facebook and online.

2. How long will it take before I start seeing fans/views/followers joining my page?
It can take about 24 to 48 hours to setup your campaign and gather the users in our network.

Facebook Likes/Fans Delivery Time:

2,000   Likes - Within 1-3 Days

5,000   Likes - Within 2-4 Days

10,000 Likes - Within 3-7 Days

25,000 Likes - Within 5-9 Days

50,000 Likes - Within 7-14 Days


Twitter Followers Delivery Time:

1,000   Followers - Within 1-2 Days

2,000   Followers - Within 1-2 Days

5,000   Followers - Within 1-3 Days

15,000 Followers - Within 3-5 Days

50,000 Followers - Within 3-9 Days


Website visitors Delivery Time:

5,000   Visitors - Within 2-5 Days

10,000  Visitors -  Within 4-10 Days

25,000  Visitors -  Within 7-15 Days

100,000 Visitors -  Within 10-25 Days

500,000 Visitors -  Within 30-60 Days

3. Do I pay for invites only or do I get actual fans?
Unlike other services, we do not charge you by how many invites/suggestions we sent, we charge you only for actual fans that joined your page from the time we started your campaign.
Aside from the fact that it's hard to track how many suggestions they send, other companies may charge the same price as we do for actual fans.

4. Why are your prices so low?
Quite simply, this is all we do, Add-fansfast. Like most economies of scale, our production-costs drop as our production-volume increases (within certain limits), and as our connections increase.
We cannot go into too much detail as to the character of our production, as doing so would reveal trade-secrets. But, suffice it to say, the sheer volume of services we provide allows us to provide each service much more quickly, and affordable than most anyone else.

5. Do you need my facebook username and password? What information do you need?
No, we do not need you facebook username or password, all that we need is the information that you entered on the checkout order form , you will only need to provide your facebook fan page URL found in the address bar of your fan page
(eg: facebook.com/business)

6. What is Add-fansfast?
Since Add-fansfast was founded on 25th of March 2010, it has been delivering one of the most effective ways of generating high-quality, unique traffic at a cost much cheaper than anything available online today. We offer social marketing services on the three major social websites Facebook, Twitter and Website visitors.

7. I have questions that are not answered here, how can I contact you?
You can contact us here.