About us

Our purpose is to provide you with a significant marketing experience that will help in developing your ideas and products, sending your business to a new level.
We believe in helping more and more people grow their businesses and gain an advantage over the competition.
Add-fansfast is a company specialized in Web Business Applications, Web Traffic, and Social Marketing.
Each of our products specifically addresses a target within the web marketing arena.
The scope of our marketing services includes the following networks: Facebook, Website visitors, and Twitter
Our mantra is to help make your business thrive online.

So how it really works?

Facebook is the world’s number one social platform, and big brands like Pepsi Cola and McDonald’s are rushing to build large followings of Facebook Fans.
Why? Because research shows that each individual Facebook Fan can be worth as much as $136.38 in sales!
And with each Fan costing as little as $0.05,
that’s a massive return on investment!


But getting your piece of the Facebook gold rush is not easy.             
Doing it on your own can take a lot of time and effort.                            
And “buying fans” from "who knows" online suppliers will often result in empty promises and an empty wallet :)


The good news is that our team of trained Facebook specialists can get you hundreds of real Facebook Fans for as little as $11 and in as little as 1 day!


Did we mention that we love to OVER deliver? :)

As a Add-fansfast customer,  you tell us how many Fans you can handle.                  
And then … just sit back and relax as you watch your “Likes” pouring in ;)